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13 August
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missing summer 03.
camp, mad parties, HP5, 4th of july, new milford, PA w. birdie, carnival, my birthday party [the fire], lanie's birthday party, wizard of oz, two years, all-nighters, boys of summer, driving, RI03, walkie-talkies, video camera, boys shorts, plans falling through, skunk!, the po-po, saying goodbye...IRYML!!!

NFHS*junior year*2oo5
xc, track, band, student council.
i own [=

13-2...ONE loss being to NM by one point, the other to newtown, those LL bastards...division banner...3rd in swc...two girls to opens, one to new englands...BEAT THAT FUCKERS!

i <3 my study hall!!
jamaica's mom, "why does everybody have their friends over?", el muchaco caliente, 80's movie night, jess is a cow!, "my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard", michael, homework? pssshhhttttt!, "i'm stuck in my pants!" there's a derre in herre, grooving to the music
ILY my 3rd per girls!! [ag, km, jl]

indoor track makes me hard. [=
butt sex in the cafe!

baltimore 03*
giddy up!
"we found hell, they built baltimore over it!"
"hi, these are jaime's boobs..."
"bonjour!...FUCK YOU!!...omigosh, i just said fuck you on the phone!"
11.21-11.23...some good times there...french fries, rest stops, hanger stealing, crap hole sweet crap hole, homeless dudes, MALL, hooters, ice fights, prank calls, room service, lacrosse boys, 24 flights, chill spot, "it's my birthday!", skank top...some bad times too...fucking sluts.
would you find it in your heart to make this go away and let me rest in pieces?

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